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March Maddness!

Since the beginning of the new year, my daughter Alisha has been coming in each week to improve the appearance of our showroom as well as coordinate a space for her studios for her upcoming business: Catch Me Lovely. We have been painting, staining, and varnishing up a storm to create a beautiful new space and atmosphere for the both of us to share with all of you!



With this being said, at our Etsy store online:

we are offering a celebration coupon code: MARCHMADDNESS!

that will give you 20% off if you purchase our Cafe Table and Chairs Set! But don’t wait because it is good for March only and ends March 31st!


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Getting our toes wet

Originally my daughter began this blog on a whim early last year trying to create an easily accessible on-line portfolio of my work, however it was a bit delayed, but now we are back in action after dipping our toes in and getting familiar with blogging and all the workings of posting pictures on pages and what not.

We’ve had quite the busy year with historic restorations for the Fayetteville Library and a few old historic homes, building rustic restaurant furniture for a new BBQ place in Auburn: The Bucket BBQ, among numerous other projects ranging from decorative apartment wall hangings, to many home improvements including finally installing a fireplace and building a beautiful mantel in accompaniment. With that said, we have begun to add updated pictures to our gallery pages from these projects and will continue to do so from here on out! In addition to that, we also joined which everyone should check out because it is full of talented people and shops!

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s get off to having a great summer full of fun projects whether you want to “do it yourself” or have something crafted for you!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Guerrette Lumber & Millwork where everything and anything imaginable can be hand crafted out of wood! I am excited to get this show on the road where everyone can see and be updated on all the new things going on around the shop. Feel free to look through the pictures of work as more and more get posted.

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